Key & Peele - Dungeons & Dragons

This was my favorite sketch to direct from last night’s episode. It guest stars Alex Fernie and Eugene Cordero, two of my favorite UCB improvisers. Fun trivia, we shot this in Walt Disney’s private residence at Disney Ranch in Santa Clarita. It wasn’t one of the sketches from last night’s episode uploaded by the network, but some youtube user was happy to oblige (and many thanks to Viacom for not DMCA’ing unauthorized uploads of our sketches, which is a policy more media conglomerates should have). Funny story, this sketch was almost killed by the network after we shot it, but that’s a story I’ll save for a time when I’m not negotiating my season 2 contract. Hi Comedy Central! I love working for you!


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    This is super funny. Fernie and Eugene kill it. What a wonderfully written/shot/directed/acted sketch show.
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    This show is the funniest thing Comedy Central has made in a long time
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    eNOUGH SAID!!!
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    Kanye The Giant.
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    Haha, great response from Comedy Central and Key & Peele is a fantastic fucking show. Watch it Tuesdays at some time I...
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