Comedy Bang! Bang! / Bunk - June 8th on IFC

Based on the two half hours IFC has made available online and on demand, Friday nights on the self proclaimed off beat network are going to be unlike anything else on TV. The ads claim these shows will “change the face of comedy,” and while that is mostly hyperbole, the goal is certainly set that high.

Scott Aukerman’s Comedy Bang! Bang! transcends its podcast origins, transforming into something that is constantly laugh out loud funny and distinct in its voice. It’s at once a sketch series and an anti-talk show but to label it as such would be a disservice to all it’s trying to accomplish. The delirious writing is nuanced and connected, if lopsided, with certain bits being more successful than others. Further, fans of the podcast may find it too scripted and miss the improvised feel of the audio version. 

IFC has found the perfect companion to CBB with Bunk. Where CBB skewers sketch and talk, Bunk unloads the game show. Its blend of improv and written material is mystifying and wonderful to watch. Where CBB can feel a bit too scripted, Bunk at times feels delightfully of the cuff, but just as delirious as its lineup mate. A lot of it rides on the comedian contestants, of course, but it’s apparent IFC has no lack of funny people. 

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    Have you watched these yet?! Get excited for June 8!
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