Bobby Bottleservice’s top 10 most awesomeist moviez of 2012



#10: Looper

Dis movie Looper iz bout Bruce Willis an Joseph Gordon Levit tryin 2 kill each other cause dey think dat dey r both the same person HAHALOL. But honestly an truthfullike dis movie wuz very confusing if u had 2 go 2 the bathroom 3 times because u had 2 many redbulls beforehandedly. :( But there were very many momentz whn something would happen and u just turn 2 your bro like “WOW BRO”

#9: Paranormal Activity 4

Bein Bobby Bottleservice I have had experiencez wit bouncing ghostz from housez very well. The firs thing about dat is 2 just b tough and tell the ghostz dat “BRO u don’t haf to go home but u can’t stay here” LOL. I enjoyed dis movie because Iam always using webcamz myself an felt because of dat like dis movie wuz very reallike.

#8: Pirana 3DD

I saw dis movie with 3 of my very good bros who also muchlike myself enjoy watchin very beutiful and very classy women ride down waterslidez topless and in 3 Ds but in a very classy way. But even if u r a woman who is not into dat 4 instants, it is still a movie dat has a DOPE story about how people need 2 b carefull when u know dat there r piranaz aroun.

#7: The Guilt Trip

Basically dis movie wuz most definitely about bein in a car with your motha while drivin very much a great distancez. It wuz absolutely resembeling real life insomuchas sometimes u forget dat your motha is a SAINT and dat she is right bout a great many thingz in and out of your most personal life. So thank u very muchly mister Seth Rogaine :)

#6: Step Up Revolution 3D

Even tho Bobby Bottleservice does not never need any help bout the best movez 2 do in clubz I can say in complet compliments dat dis movie taught me 3 very cool, very great new movez dat I now do such as being dancin on cars and or tablez. If evil dudes like Peter Gallager cud jus chill out and go clubbing den we could have a much more better hole world. Spoyler alert by da way bout how it endz HAHAHA ;)

#5: Alex Cross

Some body once sed 2 me “Bro, do u want 2 go 2 Chipotle an then c Alex Cross?” so I saw dis movie dat wuz in actually very great. Wha happens is dat Jack from Lost is very much skinny and crazy and he keeps tryin 2 ruin Tyler Perry’s life in which Tyler Perry is very smart and respectedble. U should defnitly see dis if u no like one really lame very rude guy like dis guy I know named Rick. :(

#4: Taken 2

I wud like it very much if bad guyz cud continue 2 always try an steel Liam Neesons family members because whenever dey do dat I get 2 watch a awesome movie insowhich Liam Neeson killz mostly every body. Its unrealist dat bad guyz keep tryin but in conclushon Liam Neeson is BADASS an drives a car into a American embassee HAHAHA.

#3: The Dark Knight Rises

I very much enjoy Batman moviez on account of because he has a very usefull Butler named Alfred who 4 instants will bring Batman food or call taxi cabz 4 the very classy women dat Batman haz relashuns with. ;) And in addition 2 this movie also haz some very DOPE fighting scenez with dis guy Bane who talks kind of like a robot but from Europe.

#2: Dredd 3D

Dredd is maybe my 2nd fav movie of dis year. There is a gun dat shootz u in the face if u r not itz most rightful owner LOL. And also and in addition 2 there r tonz of ppl who fall and die from very very high up while in slow motion and dere is very much blood dat shootz into your face on account of the 3 Ds. I would hav 2 definitely say dat dis movie wud b a really great gift 4 like a birthday or perhapst Christmas or yur wedding.

#1: Expentables 2

I had allready seen the firs Expentables movie and so my thawts were “very cool bro” about a expentables seekwell. Dis is very clearly the best movie of dis year because of not just the action and exploshunz but also and firstmostly dat every body wuz very very good at there acting. 2 times I thawt dat John Clawed Van Dam wuz actally very really mad at Arnold Shwartsinager. I allready have da blu ray of dis film because some day I will show it 2 my future son and teach him very many important thingz about his life. :)


Jus 2 b clear, FAST AND THE FURIOUS numbers 1 thru 5 r alwayz da real best moviez of every year ALWAYZ.


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