This is an awesome look into hater culture, Phish, fandoms, Analyze Phish (the podcast) and comedy-nerd darlings Scott Aukerman and Harris Wittels. Read it. It’s not that long.

It’s easy, cheap, and sometimes even fun to be mean. It’s a whole lot braver to be open and sincere, and to acknowledge that it’s perfectly okay to unapologetically love something even people you respect might find suspect. Accordingly, there’s a strangely moving vulnerability on both Wittels and Aukerman’s part throughout Analyze Phish. The podcast provides some fascinating insight on Phish, but also a neat look into Aukerman and Wittels’ friendship.

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    Just as a general observation, whether its Phish, or Celine Dion, or country music, or Greek yogurt, or Olive Garden or...
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    it’s super great, and if you want something slightly longer in the same vein read Let’s Talk About Love: A Journey to...
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