media-muse said: With the Jimmy Fallon news, I'm curious if you have any ideas of who would be likely to take over Late Night from him, if everything actually happens?

I don’t believe a replacement for Fallon has been reported yet. But Lorne Michaels produces Late Night and has chosen the last two hosts, so my guess would be someone from the SNL ecosystem, Seth Meyers or Mike O’Brien maybe? Just a pure guess off the top of my head.

  1. uncharted-territories said: seth meyers would be awesome. weekend update errday! and him sniggering at his own jokes hah
  2. nancymurphy said: Mya Rudolph!!
  3. nbloggz said: Either would be great choices.
  4. evangotlib said: An hour of Seth Myers would be well worth staying up for.
  5. notnadia said: Seth Meyers. Can I put my money on this one? Slowly powering down from his SNL gig w/ no big glitzy other projects deal being announced? Already had the hint of talk show w/ “Live With Kelly” rumors? Yes. Totally. Money on THAT.
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