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Comedy website Splitsider just launched a new digital distribution label ‘Splitsider Presents’ and their first release is the hilarious feature film ‘The Exquisite Corpse Project.’ Available for $5 over at their website.

Director Ben Popik gathered together his former comrades from the legendary sketch group Olde English and tasked them with writing a movie. The catch: each of the five writers wrote 15 pages and only saw the previous five pages of the script. He then shot the movie they wrote, as well as documentary footage of the writing process and all the drama that it entailed, and put them all together into a unique comedy.

I had an opportunity to see the move last night and it is really something special. Besides being extremely funny and charming, it speaks volumes about the creative process, collaboration and friendship. The way the documentary aspect mirrors the narrative they wrote is fascinating. The film becomes much more than a silly project, but rather evolves into a statement about human nature and relationships. You definitely haven’t seen anything like it.

Go get it. For real. You won’t regret spending the $5.

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