Hollywood studio seeks Kickstarter funding for movie, most are cool with it. Noted billionaire Zach Braff does it, and it’s an outrage.
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    In the wake of the Veronica Mars Movie campaign, Zach Braff’s Wish You Were Here Kickstarter campaign met its goal. What...
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    “You have Braff on your hands!” lolololololololol. (Also, $40 million pay-off aside, in no universe can you think that...
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    And also, people/fans have been saying for … basically ever that they wish their was a way that a large group of people...
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    Additionally, this whole “Generation YAY” thing..I mean, what’s wrong with cheering someone on? Isn’t it better than...
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    Okay wait, I have to stop right here. Who said Kickstarter was a charity? Given the large number of projects going to...
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    What if we were just cool with letting people donate to a Kickstarter if they want to and then if they don’t want to we...
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  11. constanttalking said: I highly doubt Zach Braff is a billionaire.
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