zachdionne said: Tell us how Big Fish was! Please aim your response at someone like me, who has an inexplicable fondness for the film even though it's technically not that great.

The show was fine but not anything life changing. The visual nature of the movie doesn’t really translate to the stage that well (though they try their best for a BIG production), and they all but abandon the film’s underlying darkness. The emotion of the movie, on the other hand, carries over well as does the basic plot. The stories from the movie provide a convenient template for the show as they’re turned into set pieces for musical numbers. Norbert Leo Butz and Bobby Steggert are both strong and sell a lot of what wouldn’t work with lesser actors. Only a few of the songs are truly memorable, which is the show’s biggest weakness probably. I’d say it’s worth a rush ticket or a TDF/Tkts discount if you love the movie, are a big Broadway fan in general or really want to see a show and nothing else appeals to you.

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