Disney added this touching tribute to the end of ‘Aladdin’ | BuzzFeed

Disney added this touching tribute to the end of ‘Aladdin’ | BuzzFeed

Listen: 2 tracks from ‘Aladdin' on Broadway | EW

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Team StarKid EXCLUSIVE: Preview the cover songs of their new ‘Aladdin’ parody ‘Twisted

Internet sensation Team StarKid has teamed up with Andrew Fox and Stacks of Wax Production to create an album of pop covers of songs from StarKid’s latest production, an Aladdin parody called 'Twisted: The Untold Story of a Royal Vizier.'

The aptly named ‘Twisted: Twisted' features four reimagined songs from the score, including a pop-punk version of the Princess's “I Want” song, ’90s r&b takes on the show's two love ballads (think Peabo Bryson's “A Whole New World”), and a jazz a cappella arrangement of one of the show's big group numbers, as well as four original demos recorded by the show's songwriters A.J. Holmes and Kaley McMahon. Featured artists include veteran Starkid performers Britney Coleman and Carlos Valdes, singer Andrea Ross, and jazz vocalists Cluster. 
Starkid has announced that the album will release this weekend. 
And check out an exclusive video clip of Carlos Valdes and Britney Coleman recording some of the audio you heard above:

First Look: ‘Aladdin' on Broadway | EW

The full cast has been announced. Jonathan Freeman will play the villain, Adam Jacobs is taking on the title character, James Monroe Iglehart as the Genie and Courtney Reed as Jasmine.

'Poppins' will close March 3rd, at which point the New Amsterdam theater will undergo renovations ahead of Aladdin's likely Spring 2014 opening.