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With a surprise guest at the end.


I’m going to miss “Best Friends Forever” and these two ladies. Check out what they had to say to the fans. The last two episodes air tonight at 8 on NBC.

Dearest BFF Fans,

Thank you. Thank you for watching our show, our stories and our neuroses come to life. Thank you for tweeting us photos of Scoops, baskets of woven belts and your babies.


Surprise, surprise.

Still sad about BFF though.

This is disappointing news. They were just hitting their stride.


I loved the pilot, hopefully you guys will check it out tonight at 8:30 p.m. ET on NBC. My love isn’t enough to convince you to watch? What about Maggie Furlong’s? Still not enough? Just read this interview.

Jessica: “Someone brought this up to us: The word ‘friendsbians.’ You’re so close you might as well be having sex, but you’re not. [Laughs.] So really it’s a love story about two women. It’s a romantic comedy, but instead of a boy and girl, it’s Jessica and Lennon.”

It’s really a great interview and show. The way they describe their writing process … it’s a must read.


You can watch the first episode of
Best Friends Forever RIGHT NOW!

Premieres April 4 @ 8:30pm on NBC!

Watch Clips from NBC’s New Comedies | Vulture

Above is Up All Night. Starring Chirstina Applegate and Will Arnett as new parents and Maya Rudolph as Applegate’s boss and best friend. The clip is fast paced and manages to squeeze in some hilarity (from Arnett).

Immediately below is Whitney  both from and starring Whitney Cummings, who plays one half of a “happily unmarried couple.” It’s a traditional sitcom (on NBC? I know, weird). Consider this your formal laugh track warning.

Next is Free Agents, a work place on camera from John Embom (Party Down). Hank Azaria, Kathryn Hahn, Joe Lo Truglio, Natasha Leggero, and Anthony Head star. A lot of talent is coming to NBC comedy, but can’t say this one is screechingly funny.

That does it for the new fall shows. Onto midseasoners. Best Friends Forever is single camera about a best friend moving in with her best friend but the latter already lives with her boyfriend. To quote NBC’s caption “Aw kw ard!” [Happy Endings’ Adam Pally is in the clip so chances are this will be recast and reshot.] Also not funny.

Amanda Peet is back in Bent where she leads as a suburban type A new to the neighborhood. The genius Dave Walton (Perfect Couples) is her love/hate contractor. Again lots of talent, not many laughs in the clip but I’ll tune in for Walton.

Which brings us to Are You There Vodka? It’s Me Chelsea. A multicam based on the life of Chelsea Handler, it stars Laura Prepon as the title character and Handler herself as her uppity Christian sister. It’s downright mean and therefore hilarious. (Laugh track warning.)

Most promising: Up All Night and Are You There Vodka. Most likely to get canceled: BFFs.