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A 13-ep final season of ‘Two and a Half Men’ is being discussed as well.

'Big Bang' did a “what if” episode last night (as is required by the sitcom by-laws of 1948 I'm sure) and I was there to review it. It wasn't awful!

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I reviewed a supbar ‘Big Bang Theory’ for Huff Post.

Forgot to post my review of this week’s ‘Big Bang Theory’ last night. So here it is.

For a show of this age and this magnitude to be this creative and this clever in its seventh season is a remarkable feat. Traditional sitcoms of similar age tend to blow character traits out of proportion, trying to wring every bit of comedy they can from characters that were once subtle. CBS sister comedy “How I Met Your Mother” is a prime example of this in action. And while “The Big Bang Theory” is typically far from subtle, and does on occasion fall back onto the aforementioned wringing, “The Itchy Brain Simulation” proved that it can mine as much humor from inverting its characters as it does in playing them straight. This season hasn’t been consistent hits every week, but this recent stretch of episodes has done something right.

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Another ‘Big Bang’, another recap …

In an old-school sweeps move, “Big Bang" pulled a bit of stunt casting and brought back TV legend Bob Newhart to reprise his role as the gangs’ beloved childhood icon Professor Proton. The Professor, AKA Arthur Jeffries, is a former kids’ science show host that was last seen in May being hired by Sheldon and Leonard for some quality time. Newhart went on to win his much-deserved first Emmy award for the role and his performance in tonight’s episode only reinforces his merit. The man’s comic timing and line delivery at 84 has clearly not waned and "Big Bang" manages to use him in a mostly constructive way.

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Would you look at that I wrote another ‘Big Bang Theory’ review. 

After “The Workplace Proximity" pushed Sheldon’s likability to the limit, "The Big Bang Theory" returns with a fast-paced, romantic installment that was more fitting for Valentine’s Day than it was for just before Halloween. But where last week drove two of the show’s central relationships apart, this week proved that when the characters get along and try to be their best the humor comes in spades. Whether it was Sheldon sticking to his honor or Penny proving her love for Leonard, the heart of "Big Bang" was pumping strong this week.

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Look at that, I reviewed this week’s ‘Big Bang Theory’ for Huff Post TV.

Over seven seasons, “Big Bang" has struck a delicate balance of keeping its characters lovable without making them too insufferable. Sheldon is the trickiest and can vary from week to week. If you’re not on board with Dr. Cooper, you’re likely not on board with the show. And hopefully you like him, because this episode sees him at his possibly most frustrating.

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