Jimmy Fallon’s Ragtime Gals sings “Happy Birthday” to Billy Joel at MSG

Great job with this obscuremoviequotes.

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He and Paul Rudd do ‘Bosom Buddies’ with appearances from Tom Hanks, Billy Joel, Gillian Jacobs and “Aidy Bryant.

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Chambaland - “99 Worries” (Jay Z vs. Billy Joel)

From the junk drawer. In early 2010 I had the idea to do whole album of Disney mashups; this was as far as I got. D/L here.

Oh my. Listen up folks. 

Billy Joel will be offering several of his hit songs as downloadable content on the upcomingRock Band 3. He is doing this for one reason, and one reason only: to rub his awesomeness in my fat face. In an interview with USA Today, Joel explains that he had never allowed his music to appear in videogames…until a certain recap of The Office changed his mind. In the episode, Jim and Pam mentioned owning the (fictional) game, Rock Band: Billy Joel. According to Joel, “the critic wrote something like, ‘God forbid that ever should happen.’ So I called my people and said, ‘Get me (on) that Rock Band game.’ Then I wrote the critic, saying that every time I get a check, I’ll give him a little nod.

Strange considering “Piano Man” is definitely on my copy of Karaoke Revolution: American Idol for Playstation 2.