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Chambaland - “1822” (Taylor Swift vs. Blink 182)

I think Avril Lavigne already released this song.

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Patent Pending - “Blink182 Enema of the State” Cover Medley | AbsolutePunk.net

Nothing groundbreaking, but listen to the bridge.

First Listen: Blink 182 - “Boxing Day” off upcoming “Dogs Eating Dogs” EP, due Dec. 18.

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Blink-182 Made Fun of One Direction 11 Years Before They Existed | BuzzFeed


humble brag. no, straight-up brag. thanks for the kind words.

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First Listen: Blink 182 - “After Midnight”

Not bad, not bad at all.

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Music Video: Blink 182 - “Up All NIght”


The blink-182 Film Festival You Didn’t Know You Entered

This is a truly novel idea. For their new music video, the band compiled shots from YouTube videos that used their music without permission. The result is a massive super cut of amateur rocking out and skateboard falls. All so very appropriate.

The band’s first release in eight years. Seems a bit disjointed.


Mark Hoppus and Ben Folds Sing a NSFW Christmas Song | Gawker.tv

That should be familiar to many Blink 182 fans as “Happy Holidays, You Bastard.

It’s about time, I almost forgot they reunited.

Walking around New York. Every time I change locations or hit a plot point there’s that loud “bong-bong” sound from Law and Order…
Mark Hoppus(Blink 182)