Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul reunite in ‘Barely Legal Pawn

With bonus Julia Louis Dreyfus


Future EGOT, Bryan mothrafuckin’ Cranston.

Bryan Cranston gave the best speech of the night though.

I wanted to ignore this, but now that it’s getting picked up places something has to be said.

In a recent interview with CNN’s Ashleigh Banfield, Cranston addressed the possibility that Walter might not be as dead as he seemed in the finale, teasingly telling the anchor, “You never saw a bag zip up or anything …”

Walter White is dead. Bryan Cranston, you’re better than this.

Teaser for the teaser: ‘Godzilla

Daily reminder that Bryan Cranston is still the man. I like this approach to a teaser-for-the-tease than what most blockbusters do (15 second clips, Vines, etc).