Did you catch the ‘Breaking Bad’ easter egg in ‘Godzilla?’ | /Film

Did you catch the ‘Breaking Bad’ easter egg in ‘Godzilla?’ | /Film

Bryan Cranston performs one-man MLB play on TBS Post-Season | Warming Glow

Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul reunite in ‘Barely Legal Pawn

With bonus Julia Louis Dreyfus


Future EGOT, Bryan mothrafuckin’ Cranston.

Bryan Cranston gave the best speech of the night though.

I wanted to ignore this, but now that it’s getting picked up places something has to be said.

In a recent interview with CNN’s Ashleigh Banfield, Cranston addressed the possibility that Walter might not be as dead as he seemed in the finale, teasingly telling the anchor, “You never saw a bag zip up or anything …”

Walter White is dead. Bryan Cranston, you’re better than this.