Captain Planet 2 with Don Cheadle

Hey, Planeteers! Don Cheadle returns as Captain Planet in a new series of videos! Here’s the latest one.


Artist Chris G. made these portraits of various pairs of characters that share physical of psychological similarities, even though they’re part of different worlds.


Don Cheadle is Captain Planet

Don Cheadle is the obvious choice to play Captain Planet in the movie version of the popular cartoon.

Not long ago Cartoon Network announced they were teaming up with Joel Silver to create a live action, big screen adaptation of Ben 10

Now comes word that the Viacom net and Transformers producer Don Murphy, in a similar deal, are developing a live action treatment of classic ’90s cartoon Captain Planet, that is intended not as just one film, but several. 

Is this awesome or just another attempt by Hollywood to exploit your nostalgia?