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Let’s all agree that Ryan Murphy needs to stop being a dick to musicians who don’t want their music on his show and that musicians who don’t want their music on “Glee” need to stop being dicks to Ryan Murphy and, for that matter, kind of belittle the people who — like me — enjoy “Glee,” because for fucking Jesus H. Christ’s sake, it’s just a God-damned TV show. And one that FEATURES music, at that. Why is that so wrong again?

Inothernews pretty much sums up how I feel about a certain quote I posted (now with over 2,300 notes) but didn’t want to come down on either way in an attempt to be diplomatic. 

It’s every band’s right, you shouldn’t have to do fucking Glee. And then the guy who created Glee is so offended that we’re not, like, begging to be on his fucking show … fuck that guy for thinking anybody and everybody should want to do Glee…The Glee guy, what a fucking jerk. Slash was the first one. [Ryan Murphy] wanted to do Guns ‘n’ Roses and Slash is like, ‘I hate fucking musicals. It’s worse than Grease.’ Then [Murphy’s] like, ‘Well, of course he’d say that, he’s a washed up ol’ rock star, that’s what they fucking do.’ And then Kings of Leon say, ‘No, we don’t want to be on your show.’ And then he’s like, ‘Snotty little assholes … ’ And it’s just like, Dude, maybe not everyone loves Glee. Me included.

Dave Grohl on Ryan Murphy: ‘F-ck That Guy’ | Vulture

Another day, another Ryan Murphy/artist feud. This is the same guy that wrote “Miracle,” right?