Dapper Dans Boyband Tribute

Disney’s premier barbershop quartet sings Backstreet Boys, One Direction and *NSYNC’s hits “Everybody (Backstreet’s Back)”, “What Makes You Beautiful” and “Bye, Bye, Bye” at Disney Limited Time Magic conference

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Star Tours Grand Opening at Disneyland Turns Away Fans Who Waited Overnight

Imagine for a moment you’re a diehard Star Wars fan. Disneyland has announced the grand opening of their newly revamped Star Tours ride and you and your buddies decide to camp out overnight so you can be amongst the first to experience the ride. Now imagine waiting overnight only to be turned away at the opening.

That was the dark side of Disney that many fans faced this morning at the park. Peter Sciretta, founder and editor of /Film, took to Twitter to report from on the scene.

Disneyland handled the #startours opening ceremony very poorly. None of the fans who waited over night got to see it. Insult to injury,

So who did get to go on the ride on its maiden voyage?

Fans got to instead watch a large line of Corporate sponsors and press go into the ride before those waiting in line since yesterday

Not a magical experience. Those in line booing loudly at the show and Disneyland president as he walked by the line.

Poorly handled is a kind way of putting it. Was there not someone at the park aware enough to tell these patrons there would be no need to camp out? It also appears that Sciretta was camping out himself, as told by this image he posted on Twitpic.

Well, at least the ride isn’t going anywhere.

the Imagineers over at WDI have been given the go-ahead to move further into blue sky development on an E-Ticket attraction themed to Tron for Disneyland. This isn’t a green light for the actual, finalized ride, just the opportunity to explore more extensive designs and concepts. Something tells me late 2012/early 2013 could see the beginning of that long talked about, but continually put off remake of Tomorrowland.”