Watch: ‘Les Miserables’ Wedding Flash Mob 

I don’t care if this is from May.

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Video from Community Fans’ Flash Mob at Rock Center (via allendmat)

Tomorrow, black goatees and all.

Titled Mobbed, the show is a hidden-camera prank series where Mandel and hundreds of strangers will help special guests plan surprise musical song and dance stunts for friends and loved ones.

The project has been in development as a potential series for the past year and Fox could potential air more Mobbed if the show delivers a large rating. The show will air after American Idol on Thursday, March 31 at 9 p.m.

This is a logical reality program for any of the broadcast networks. I’m surprised it took this long to get made. 

In The Heights Flash Mob For Lin-Manuel Miranda at Universal City Walk - Los Angeles, CA

Flash Mob America and over 300 fans celebrated the Los Angeles arrival of IN THE HEIGHTS (the Tony-Winning Best Musical) by surprising the creator and star of the show, Lin-Manuel Miranda, and dancing to the song “96,000”

This Broadway musical, about home, family, and finding where you belong, is Celebrating its L.A. Premiere at Hollywood’s Pantages Theatre for 5 weeks only, June 22 — July 25!

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Is it still a flash mob if people know about it?

With the action-comedy on the bubble for a renewal, “Chuck” fans are staging themed flash mobs in at least four cities on Monday. In Chicago, Seattle, San Diego and Philadelphia, “Chuck” fans plan to gather while dressed in the show’s Buy More-style clothing (short-sleve work shirts, name tags and the like).

Couple marries in Apple store, quotes Steve Jobs in their ceremony |

They actually got married. With a fake Steve Jobs as the priest, reading off a Bible iPhone app.