Lucas and Spielberg bet each other 2.5% of ‘Star Wars’ and ‘Close Encounters’ respectively on which would be a bigger success.

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So…Luke will be recast?!

I don’t know who to believe anymore. I think it’s too early for any of this to not be taken with a grain of salt. 

I went to a few Star Trek conventions back in the old days, before I did Star Wars. was allowed to do things like that.

I started writing Star Wars sort of in the heyday of the syndication part of Star Trek. I think the thing that I was attracted to most about Star Trek is that it completely got rid of all the mundane, boring angle of real space and just said ‘Well, let’s just go out and go where no one else dared to go.’

…The story is really the thing that makes it work. And in the beginning with Star Trek, that’s all there was, was story — and that’s what made it compelling. Gene Roddenberry took the ideas and made them — he put them on television, which really has no resources at all!

Star Wars creator GEORGE LUCAS, remarking on… the better sci-fi franchise, from the documentary film Trek Nation.
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Infographic: Five Stages of Star Wars Revisionism Fan Grief |
American works of art belong to the American public; they are part of our cultural history. People who alter or destroy works of art and our cultural heritage for profit or as an exercise of power are barbarians.
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Poster: Red Tails | Latino Review

Trailer: Red Tails - January 20

Directed by Anthony Hemingway, produced by George Lucas. Starring Terrance Howard, Bryan Cranston, Cuba Gooding Jr, Bryan Cranston. 

Pay attention Battleship and Michael Bay, this is how you do SFX heavy military stories. As thankful as I am to have that Lucasfilm logo ahead of something that isn’t Star Wars, I’m more thankful that this actually looks promising. The trailer is damn good, and incredibly well cut, mixed, and soundtracked. It combines stirring emotion and eye popping visuals in a way that I thought only Spielberg could do. And Bryan Cranston has some kind of southern accent. What more could you ask for?

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Take a lesson from “Star Wars”: you can have all the resources in the galaxy at your disposal, and sometimes the little guy still prevails. In this case, that little guy is Andrew Ainsworth, a British artist who helped design the stark, almost featureless costumes worn by the villainous storm troopers in George Lucas’s original 1977 space-adventure movie, and who has won the right to sell replicas of those costumes without permission from Mr. Lucas or his studio, Lucasfilm.

Of note considering Lucas’ stranglehold on his intellectual property. 

Recommend Pop Culture Brain For Entertainment or George Lucas will rerelease your favorite movie in 3D.
Look at that smug bastard. He’ll do it.

Recommend Pop Culture Brain For Entertainment or George Lucas will rerelease your favorite movie in 3D.

Look at that smug bastard. He’ll do it.

Just when Star Wars's inspiration and influence had me smiling again, along comes this more typical, souring George Lucas anecdote: Lucasfilm has issued a cease-and-desist letter to manufacturers of a mega-powerful laser being touted as a real-life lightsaber. And now it’s going for $350 at eBay. The letter, that is, not the lightsaber. Click through for photos.