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'Book of Mormon' reunion alert!

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With a surprise guest at the end.

Watch the pilot for NBC’s ‘1600 Penn’ in full.

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Andrew Rannells tweeted today that he will be leaving soon as well. 

In related news, ‘Mormon’ will begin running Friday matinees as well.

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BoM is in second position to their pilots. Rannells is leaving Mormon for Normal and should 1600 Penn get picked up, Gad will also depart.

So much for a two year mission. 


I wandered around Times Square on a dreary, rainy Friday with Book of Mormon star Josh Gad! 
First Look: Book of Mormon’s Josh Gad on Modern Family

First Look: Book of Mormon’s Josh Gad on Modern Family

Not the Obama’s specifically but a fictional first family. 1600 Penn is being written by former White House speechwriter, Jon Lovett.