There are also plans for Cyborg, a Green Lantern reboot, and more standalone Superman and Batman movies.

WB announces DC & Lego movie slate | Alex Weprin

"This week only, save 55% on "Justice League: The Complete Series". The series contains all 91 episodes as well as a 15th disc which includes a retrospective on the DC universe." It’s been marked down from its $99.99 list price.

Release dates per her sources:

May 2016 – Batman v Superman

July 2016 – Shazam

Xmas 2016 – Sandman

May 2017 – Justice League

July 2017 – Wonder Woman

Xmas 2017 – Flash and Green Lantern team-up

May 2018 – Man Of Steel 2

Huge huge grain of salt with this one as it seems like Latino Review doing a lot of guess work. They’ve been right in the past, but there doesn’t seem to be a lot of hard evidence here. 

Mike Fleming is disputing Variety’s scoop saying that Affleck’s reps say he “might take a meeting on it but that’s it.”