Some fans online have expressed concern that Mulaney is a multi-camera show with a live audience when the bulk of the funniest, coolest sitcoms in the past decade have been single-camera with no audience, but let me assure you that the pilot is just as dense with jokes as a single-camera show and having an audience there doesn’t change the pacing of the humor too much. Some of the best sitcoms ever, from Taxi to Cheers, Seinfeld to NewsRadio, have been multi-cam, and there’s no reason a multi-cam show today can’t be good. Mulaney excels in the format and brings sharp witty comedy back to the three-camera world. A performer like Martin Short can feed off of a live audience, energizing him in a way that wouldn’t be possible if he was just playing to a bunch of crew members trying to do their jobs and not laugh. The rest of the ensemble is packed with performers with live audience experience like stand-ups Mulaney, Newman, and Smith, SNL cast member Nasim Pedrad, and frequent SNL host Elliott Gould.

Yes! Thank you. 

Please get picked up. Please get picked up. Please get picked up.

That’s right comedy nerds: multicam. I can hear the torn minds and hearts across the internet already.

(Also, NBC, please put this to series now.)

What?! This is actually insane. I’m not sure if anything like this has ever happened before. Will definitely check it out once it’s made the switch. So bizarre.

'Happy Days' is the most famous example of this transition, but NBC did it with Julia Louis Dreyfus' failed 'Watching Ellie' in 2003 as well.

CBS has ordered a pilot and multiple scripts of the multicam comedy. No word yet on what Rob Schneider will transform into.