Music Video: Pharrell and Daft Punk - “Gust of Wind” directed by Edgar Wright

Music Video: ‘Better Call Saul' the song | EW

Music Video: Hoodie Allen - “Dumb for You”

Music Video: Hoodie Allen - “Movie”

Music Video: Weird Al - “Word Crimes” (“Blurred Lines”)

For grammar nerds everywhere.

Music Video: Michael Jackson and Justin Timberlake - “Love Never Felt So Good”

First Listen: Hoodie Allen - “Show Me What You’re Made Of”

The video is an homage to ‘Happy Gilmore’ and co-stars Tommy Lee.

Music Video: The Motor Tom - “Eye on You

Music Video: Pentatonix - “Run to You”

Their first video for an original song.


Watch: James Franco & Seth Rogen do shot-for-shot remake of ‘Bound 2' music video


Music Video: Jay Z debuts Justin Timberlake-assisted ‘Holy Grail’ | Billboard

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ICYMI: ‘Breaking Bad’ meets Weird Al in perfect Albuquerque” mash up.

You’d think Vince Gilligan was making a Weird Al music video all along.

(by ibrews, tweeted by Weird Al himself)

Music Video: The Lonely Island - “We Need Love”


Music Video: The Lonely Island - GO KINDERGARTEN (feat. ROBYN & SEAN COMBS & PAUL RUDD)

(by thelonelyisland)