Chris Hardwick talks about censorship of women’s bodies and absolutely nails it.

And Hardwick’s genius comment is more important than you think.

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You go on WTF, and the host is like ‘Why should I care about you?’ Then you go on The Nerdist, the host is like ‘I care about you too much.’ Then you come here, and the host isn’t aware of what’s happening at all, or who the person is, and all he wants to do is wait for you to say the words ‘my wife.’

Paul F. Tompkins, Comedy Bang Bang Best of 2013 Part 3 (via jrnny)

Nerdist All Star Bowling: Jimmy Fallon and friends vs Chris Hardwick and Neil DeGrasse Tyson | Nerdist


On today’s special edition of The Nerdist Channel’s ALL-STAR CELEBRITY BOWLING, the industrious cast of Comedy Central’s Workaholics (Adam DeVine, Anders Holm, Blake Anderson, and Kyle Newacheck) take on Chris Hardwick, Chris Hardwick, Chris Hardwick and uhh… Chris Hardwick!


Neil Patrick Harris dreams up his most elaborate song and dance number yet in today’s mooooooving season finale of NEIL’S PUPPET DREAMS on The Nerdist Channel!


Neil Patrick Harris gets very acquainted with some wayyyy out-of-towners in today’s episode of NEIL’S PUPPET DREAMS, “Alien Abduction.”


On today’s all-new NEIL’S PUPPET DREAMS, puppet-Chris Hansen catches one of the sickest puppeteers ever encountered… Neil Patrick Harris.

Watch: ‘Neil’s Puppet Dreams’ episode 2 with Nathan Fillion.


Nathan Fillion guest stars on today’s all-new NEIL’S PUPPET DREAMS, in which Neil Patrick Harris’ unique physiology causes a stir in the puppet medical community.

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Chris Hardwick’s All-Star Celebrity Bowling is back and this time Team Nerdist takes on a team from NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL). Yes, it’s the NASA’s Curiosity Mars Rover team. Can the actual rocket scientists figure out how to beat the Nerdist juggernaut in a high-stakes bowling match?

Watch: Neil Patrick Harris' new webseries 'Neil's Puppet Dreams' - Episode 1 “The Lullabye”

Watch: Hard ‘n Phirm & Friends Sing “Gersberms (Yer Gervin Mah)” | Nerdist

Featuring vocals Hayley Williams of Paramore, the Swedish Chef and and acting by ‘Big Bang Theory’s Melissa Rauch.

Watch till the very end.


Welcome to the premiere of Nerd Down & 10 with The Sklar Brothers, the only show that breaks down nerd and pop culture topics as if they were sports!

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Chris Hardwick on Hipster Nerds

The Nerdist himself ridicules hipster nerds in his new Comedy Central special Mandroid

Airing Nov. 10th. (I was in the audience for the taping. It’s great.)

Nerdist All Star Celebrity Bowling with the DOCTOR WHO Cast

(via Nerdist)