OK, Candice was great. Like, really great. She even got a glitter shower from Mariah Carey because of course that’s something that happens when Mimi is a judge on “American Idol.”

HOWEVER, Candice’s stellar performance wasn’t the only thing that caught my attention last night. Yes, I’m talking about that weird voice/noise at the 1:10 mark. Did it say “LOVE YOU”? Is it just a noise? Fox hasn’t returned my request for comment, so I’m just going to keep obsessing about it.

Bring on the conspiracy theories!

Beginning on December 13, 2012, the FCC’s new rules will require TV stations, cable operators, satellite TV providers and other pay TV providers to limit a commercial’s average volume to the same average volume as the programming it accompanies.
The day that the CALM Act takes effect cannot come soon enough. (via joepetro)