First Listen: Michael Jackson and Justin Timberlake - “Love Never Felt So Good”

Zach is figuring out which hits of last year will accompany the film hits of this year.


The Muppets 2 x Carly Rae Jepsen
Carrie remake x Fiona Apple’s “Daredevil” 
Ender’s Game or Pacific Rim or Oblivion x Usher’s “Climax”

Etc. More fun at Vulture.

(Bruce) Campbell’s Soup | EpicPonyz

Arrangement wise it sounds like their last album, the melody is “This Love”-esque, but in general it sounds over produced and electronic. You know, perfect for the charts.

The Art of Enkel Dika | BuzzFeed
Click through for a collection of great works by Enkel Dika who incorporates various pop culture subjects into their art.  
Amazing postmodernism.

The Art of Enkel Dika | BuzzFeed

Click through for a collection of great works by Enkel Dika who incorporates various pop culture subjects into their art.  

Amazing postmodernism.

This is going to be rude…




I follow someone on this here Tumblr and to be honest, not sure how it happened, but generally I am into what they post about it. Its mostly about pop culture and all that nonsense I adore, but today I wanted to reblog and sort of tear apart a post.

I guess we are unable to reblog someone’s “ask” posts, so its a good thing I didnt, but man his answers made me want to tear into him.

I was aware he was young, but his list of favorite 5 TV show characters of all time allowed me to pinpoint who he was, where he was from and where he would most likely be in mere seconds.

First, all his faves were from TV shows made after 1990. Now, while I get for someone who is young its hard to love something from twenty years before you were born, how can you be an actual pop culture junkie or actually have a job within the industry when you aren’t aware of the history? It irked me that I could guess, without knowing anything about this kid, that he was obviously in his early twenties, Jewish or Italian, grew up on LI and most likely went to a prestigious liberal arts school, but not Ivy League from his favorite 5 characters. I think it said more about me than it did him, but come on - how can you want to produce interesting TV and film content if you can’t appreciate anything in the medium that happened before Lohan was famous?

That would be me! Hi.

Maybe my Tumblr handle, “Pop Culture Brain” is a little pretentious. No I don’t know everything there is to know about pop culture, nor do I claim to. Yes I am in my twenties, from Long Island, Jewish and went to Syracuse. I don’t deny this and am not trying to hide it.  It’s all plain to see in the “About me” section of my Tumblr, on my website, or on Facebook.

When I was asked my favorite TV characters, (not the best just my favorite) I picked the ones I find most relatable, as they are my favorite. If you were to ask me the best TV characters, I couldn’t do it. Not without proper research, because I simply haven’t seen everything there is. I’ll leave that to the professionals at TV Guide or Bob Thompson maybe.

That said I do know a couple things. I’m aware Friends was the oldest show on my list, but I’m also aware that it wouldn’t exist without Cheers, Three’s Company, Mary Tyler Moore, and Lucy. I included Charlie from Lost because I know him better than I do Leland Palmer from Twin Peaks. Twenty years before my birth was the late 60s/early 70s. You might be hard pressed to find the best TV character from that era. And could you pick one from The Twilight Zone?

I’m not trying to be malicious, because I’m grateful for feedback such as this. In order to be a real “pop culture brain” I should have a rounded knowledge of the modern landscape and that which came before it. Can’t please everyone, thanks for the follow.

Errr. My post came out a bit malicious in the end, and for that I apologize, but what I was most shocked at is how easily I could peg you. Thats probably because I am from the same place and I was more intrigued by how you were able to pick five characters who could resemble you, which I guess is part of the reason you/we/all watch TV.  I don’t think you are pretentious, but I just found it strange in the entire history of TV all your faves were within the past 20 years. This might make me the snob, and I can own. that I was a sociology major, with a focus on media and culture, so it kind of gets me going when I can identify someone with things they identify with themselves, if that makes sense. And I also overuse commas if you couldn’t guess.

And to put myself out there as well, my personal favorites are:

1) Roseanne - “Roseanne”

2) Mary Richards - “The Mary Tyler Moore Show”

3) J.R. Ewing - “Dallas”

4) Lucy - “I Love Lucy”

5) Archie Bunker - “All in the Family”

Notable mentions are: Larry David (just cause I have a hard time calling him a “character”: “Curb”, Charlie - “Its Always Sunny”, Erica Kane - “All My Children”, Al Bundy - “Married with Children”, and b/c its too hard to pick between them: the casts of “The Golden Girls”, “MASH” & “The Odd Couple”

No worries, sorry I got so defensive. Now that I see where you’re coming from, I can understand your first post. I’m glad we settled this respectfully, from one pop junkie to another.

and to Colormelauren (and any others wondering) - I went to SU, graduated last May from the Film program in VPA with a TRF minor in Newhouse. I never took “Reading For Pop” though I should have, I did take a few pop classes in Newhouse though including COM 107 Intro to Comm, TRF 530 History of Prime Time Television, and TRF 350 Film and TV Theory and Criticism all of which inspired me to start this blog.

If anyone has any other questions about my background or comments/anything else, I’m completely game -

This is what an update of “We Didn’t Start The Fire” would sound like.
(via cinematt01)

This is what an update of “We Didn’t Start The Fire” would sound like.

(via cinematt01)

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I Do Not Hook Up (Kelly Clarkson) - Brian Fallon (of The Gaslight Anthem)

I love it when alt/indie rockers cover pop tunes. Fallon has no problem making it his own, this could easily have been a 59 Sound B-Side. That said, he really wails like the Boss at the end.

For more see: Ted Leo - Since U Been Gone, Obadiah Parker - Hey Ya.