'Billy on the Street': Patton Oswalt plays “Does Shakira know what this is?”

No rest until his ‘Parks’ rant is a reality.


Get excited: Patton Oswalt to host the 2014 Independent Spirit Awards


Get excited: Patton Oswalt to host the 2014 Independent Spirit Awards

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I don’t know, you figure… It probably took twenty or thirty years of comic book movies before they finally decided that we could combine them into THE AVENGERS, so probably another thirty years of STAR WARS movies before Disney goes “What are we going to do?” “Put them together!”
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Batman vs. The Penguin (with Patton Oswalt)

Guns don’t kill people. Batman does.

First Look at Patton Oswalt in ‘Justified’ | EW

First Look at Patton Oswalt in ‘Justified’ | EW



Robin Williams Reconvenes the Dead Poets Society

“No one disrespects the DPS.” 



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Marc Maron vs. Patton Oswalt


Last night Marc Maron picked a fight discussion faux fight with Patton Oswalt. This sort of reminds me of what we’ve all been told about the back table at the Comedy Cellar in New York, wherein some of the best comics bust each others’ balls before and after their sets. Anyway, if you missed the exchange, I have some good news. I’ve laid it all out below in easy-to-read play-style format.

Marc Maron: Okay, fuckers! Beddy bye time!

Maron: I’m tired of this word crack house.

Patton Oswalt: Goddamit, I can’t sleep.

Maron: Shut the fuck up and go to bed.

Oswalt: YOU go to bed, motherfucker.

Maron: I’m not tired anymore. Entertain me, little man. Since your so AWAKE.

Oswalt: I hope you drown in a patchouli pit at Bonnaroo tomorrow. And the last thing you hear is “Sugar Magnolia” played on a washtub.

Maron: I hope your child wakes up.

Oswalt: I hope your inner child gets colic and snot-shits on your soul.

Maron: Shut up.

Maron: Hey, could you call me? I need a long winded wordy explanation of something simple.

Oswalt: Just listen to the first 10 minutes of any episode of your podcast.

Maron: Oh, shit. I’m down. I’m hit.

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Beyond the push-pull of creator vs. critic, there is a further zenith for every comedian, and it’s often achieved by accident: Unveil an actuality.