Trailer: ‘Planes' - Aug 9 (Yes, in theaters)

(via Collider)

That’s some lowbrow shit. At least it won’t be opening in theaters and DisneyToon Studio are the ones really making it.

That’s even worse!

Last week, we reported that Pixar was possibly getting into the direct-to-video business by spin-offing Cars into a home entertainment movie called Planes.  While the success of Cars made a spin-off seem like a reasonable business decision, Bleeding Cool reports that Pixar is not actively working on the movie.  Instead, the movie isbeing developed over at Disney Toon Studios.  They’re the folks best known for making disposable, direct-to-video sequels like Bambi II and The Lion King 1½.  Pixar isn’t doing the animation and the extent of their involvement is unknown regarding the story.  Bleeding Cool notes that Pixar and CCO John Lasseter are protective of their franchises, so they may serve as consultants in some capacity.  But overall  it looks likePlanes won’t really be flying under Pixar’s banner.

Love Pixar but sometimes they do dumb shit, like this.