The Wonder Years - “Passing Through a Screen Door”

In case you wanted to know what early ’00s’ pop punk sounds like in a quarter-life crisis. 

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And this.

And this.

Patent Pending - “Break Stuff” (Limp Bizkit Piano Ballad Cover) off “Spring Break ‘99”

Just listen to this whole EP, okay?


  1. I Want It That Way
  2. All Star
  3. Every Morning
  4. Break Stuff
  5. My Own Worst Enemy

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It’s about time, I almost forgot they reunited.

'02-05 Pop punk is alive and well.

Here we have Kenny Vasoli performing “Best Of Me” acoustic on his recent Australian tour.

Gabe Saporta has been quoted in an interview that a Midtown reunion is in the definite future.

And finally in support of their upcoming greatest hits album (the $150 pre-order of which comes with a lock of Pete Wentz’s hair. no joke.) Fall Out Boy have switched their website back to what it looked like in 2003.

"Welcome to the new deja vu."

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Take Cover - The Whole Story. This band’s four song EP makes me believe in pop punk again. Seriously, that good. Now go. Listen.