Yes! ‘Manhattan’ is one of if not the best new drama of the year and more people need to watch it. 

YES! I am shocked right now. The ratings were so bad. Good for AMC for sticking with some quality. While still coming into its own, the show got so much better in its second half. 

Have you come to accept ‘Girl Meets World’ for what it is yet? It hasn’t improved all that much in the handful of episodes since the pilot, and is still a bit overstated and all over the place. But there has been some incremental success in the more grounded elements of the show. That said, it’s wildly inconsistent even from scene to scene.

Looks like ‘Undateable’ has been renewed by NBC! Hope they can get Briga Heelan back for more.

'Fargo' will return with Noah Hawley, an all new cast, time period and story.

Additionally, ‘It’s Always Sunny’ has been pushed to January.