Never thought I’d be getting pedantic about a Rent GIF set of all things, but here we are!

The line is “mutual masturbation” which feels kind of important here. 


How do you even get ‘mucho’?

No, wait, it is definitely supposed to be mucho. I just listened to both recordings to verify. It’s a joke about how lonely Mark is. 

I’m totally seeing it as both now that I’m looking it up - WHERE MY RENT NERDS AT, WHATS THE STORY HERE?


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I am shocked at how well ‘Smash’ handled the ‘Rent’ thing.

Good to be proven wrong.

And thus concludes Alex’s reaction to shows no one is watching anymore.

I appreciate the comprehensive analysis and comparison of ‘Smash’s use of ‘Rent’ lore — but I’m having trouble seeing it as anything other than exploitive. A better show could have delicately used the real life history (and tragedy) of ‘Rent’ to make a statement, but I’m afraid ‘Smash’ is doing it because it’s there and easy. 

Some of those ‘Hit List’ songs are great though.

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Chambaland - “One Song Weezy” (Lil Wayne vs. RENT)




How does your brain even come up with this!?

Yeah, listen.

When Mr. Reside, a lifelong theater and computer geek as well as a trained medievalist, first encountered Larson’s disks at the Library of Congress (which had acquired Larson’s papers his death), they had been catalogued but not studied. They were “really sitting in shoeboxes,” Mr. Reside recalled.

Mr. Reside’s first step, after drafting a study plan and getting the necessary permissions, was to make bit-for-bit copies of all the files. He then hunted down vintage software and tools like the Basilisk II emulator, which allowed him to see the files exactly as Mr. Larson had seen them, right down to the chunky fonts and irritating pop–up error messages.

The only option is now to purchase TV shows.

First Look: Rent Revival Off Broadway |

Behind the scenes of the new RENT revival—Maureen readies for her entrance.
Photograph by Jason Goodman for

Wait Maureen’s a blonde? Blasphemy.


Behind the scenes of the new RENT revival—Maureen readies for her entrance.

Photograph by Jason Goodman for

Wait Maureen’s a blonde? Blasphemy.

Adam Chanler-Berat, late of Next to Normal and Peter and the Starcatcher, will play documentary filmmaker Mark Cohen in the Off-Broadway relaunch of the rock musical Rent, producers announced on June 8.

The Pulitzer Prize-winning, Tony Award-honored 1996 musical by the late Jonathan Larson began Off-Broadway before moving to Broadway and international fame. Original director Michael Greif will again direct. The revival begins an open-ended run July 14 (opening Aug. 11) at New World Stages in midtown Manhattan.

The new cast of Rent also includes Annaleigh Ashford (Maureen Johnson), Margot Bingham (Alexi Darling, Roger’s Mom, and others), Nicholas Christopher (Tom Collins), Arianda Fernandez (Mimi Marquez), Marcus Paul James (Mr. Jefferson, Paul, and others), Tamika Sonja Lawrence (Mrs. Jefferson, woman with bags), Corbin Reid (Joanne Jefferson), Michael Rodriguez (Angel Schunard), Matt Shingledecker (Roger Davis), Ephraim Sykes (Benjamin Coffin III), Ben Thompson (Christmas caroler, Mr. Grey, The Man, and others), Michael Wartella (Steve, Gordon, Waiter, and others) and Morgan Weed (Mark’s Mom and others). Also in the company are Sean Michael Murray, Xavier Cano and Genny Padilla.

It just so happens those five lines were Mimi’s revival at the very end of the show.

The upcoming Off-Broadway production of the Tony Award-winning musical Rent will hold open auditions March 18 from 11 AM-2 PM at New World Stages.

Additional open calls will be held in Los Angeles at the Hollywood United Methodist Church on March 30 from 1:30-4 PM.

Unknowns are absolutely the way to go with this. Good on them.

Somebody To Love (Bieber version) (Artie/Sam): 

Take Me Or Leave Me (Rachel/Mercedes): 

Sing (New Directions): 

I Know What Boys Like (Lauren): 

I can’t find it on YouTube, but go 
here to listen to Sam and Artie sing Baby. 

Rent finished it’s initial Broadway run in 2008, after 12 years, 5,124 performances, and some ungodly number of minutes. Starting this June, the musical will be back, with a new off-Broadway production staged by its original director, Michael Greif, and with a whole new cast. Because there should always be somewhere you can go when you want to get “Seasons of Love” stuck in your head. [NYP]

Wayne Brady sings “Santa Fe” as part of Rent at the Hollywood Bowl.


wayne brady you are a pleasant surprise (“Santa Fe”)