SNL' Promos: Kristen Wiig


She’s baaaack.

'SNL' Promos: Zach Galifianakis

SNL Promo: Vince Vaughn

SNL Promo: Melissa McCarthy


We’re LIVE this week with Melissa McCarthy and Phoenix!!

SNL' Promo: Justin Timberlake


SNL Promo: Christoph Waltz

'SNL' Promo: Justin Bieber


'SNL' Promo: Adam Levine

SNL' Promo: Martin Short

SNL' Promo: Jamie Foxx

'SNL' Promo: Jeremy Renner

SNL' Promo: Anne Hathaway/Rihanna

SNL' Promo: Bruno Mars

'SNL' Promo: Christina Applegate

Why is every one about how she hosted 19 years ago?

SNL Promo: Daniel Craig

Taran Killam forever.