Braff said he and Bill Lawrence are developing a show with cable or Netflix in mind and that he’d like to star and direct.

I can get behind this.

Zach Braff and Donald Faison sang “Guy Love” at a ‘Wish I Was Here’ screening | BuzzFeed

Maybe the best line of the whole series.

Lots of awesome details in there. Lawrence tells EW that they’re talking to a bunch of different theater groups right now to develop it and shopping the outline to song writers. Disney has come on as a silent partner as well. 

The plot currently features all the same characters and is a mix of the pilot and “My Old Lady.” Ted’s band would be featured as a sort of Greek chorus and they have a plan for how they’d bring the fantasy sequences to life. They’re not sure right now if the music will be song-writer ‘Spring Awakening’ style or sardonic ‘Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson’ style (I’d hope for the latter).

I’m surprised this is as far along as it is and that it seems pretty realistic. I was hoping they’d include some of the songs from “My Musical” but understand how it might be hard to fit that story line into a new establishing portrayal of the story.


When I went on a year-long hiatus from covering Scrubs for TV Club Classic, one of the common refrains in the—less than common—pleas for coverage to continue was that the reviews had stopped before the show reached its finest episode. Although it’s possible I’ll continue on beyond the show’s third season at some point in the future, I knew “My Screw Up” is one of the most beloved Scrubs episodes, and saw it as an opportunity to do something a little bit extra.

Hopefully, this half review/half oral history—made possible with the generous participation of both Bill Lawrence and Neil Goldman—lives up to the episode in question.

Gonna go listen to “Winter” on repeat.

Hooch Drops By Zach Braff’s House | WishIWasHereMovie

Still crazy after all these years. Some of you might know this actor as Mr. Moseby.

(Of course he meant Acula.)

(Of course he meant Acula.)

This is from September so I’m not really sure how I missed it but. There it is. Take it with a grain of salt.
(ht Zach)

This is from September so I’m not really sure how I missed it but. There it is. Take it with a grain of salt.

(ht Zach)

My great deal. It’s PCB-favorite ‘Scrubs’ marked down from its $150 list price … but only for the next four hours. Eagle!

Also until 3:20 pm you can get 'Community' season 2 for $9.96 and 'Inception' on DVD for $4.96.

Today I Learned that Hooch, of “Hooch is Crazy” Fame, Was Once Convicted of Manslaughter | Pajiba
Hooch really is crazy.

Kathryn Joosten on Scrubs (“My Old Lady”)

I’ve got a ton of bricks for Dr. Dorian.

(via dromeo79)

Scrubs, Reunited… On A Boat | BuzzFeed, Zach Braff on Facebook