Other than the systemic travails of NBC, I have no idea how “Community” is still on television. I have even less idea of how Harmon is back in charge of it. But the whys of it are much less important than the wonderful, hilarious, poignant fact itself. “Community” is back, and back to being itself. As with so many things that happen at Greendale, it’s best not to spend too much time thinking about the reasons behind it. Just enjoy that it’s happening, and that it’s so much damn fun.
Alan Sepinwall re: ‘Community’s unlikely return | Hitfix
Alan Sepinwall announces new book, “The Revolution Was Televised” | Hitfix
(On the plus side, the comedy series writing category’s only nominees were two “Parks” episodes, the “Community” episode with alternate timelines, and the premieres of “Girls” and “Louie” — in other words, the four best comedies on television, even if “Girls” was the only one to also be nominated for outstanding comedy series. I’ll just choose to view the winner of that category as the “real” overall winner.)
Me too Alan, me too.

"Entourage" (HBO): The laziest “comedy” on television didn’t magically discover a work ethic in its final season, hitting the eject button on various storylines as quickly and obnoxiously as possible. (“Here, Turtle: I solved all your money problems by buying up those tequila shares you stupidly sold!”) The finale was a special brand of clueless, as the series suddenly decided that what it wanted was for Vince, E and Ari to all live happily ever after with various lady friends - and, in the case of Vince, with a reporter he and we had just met, and whose courtship took place entirely off screen so the show wouldn’t have to bother showing how she fell madly in love with him overnight. “Entourage” was never an especially good show, but there were times when it understood what it was and what its limitations and could be very watchable as a result. The victory lap season was both complacent and oblivious.

This is important. Terriers is too good to fade into one-and-done obscurity.