Watch: Highlights from ‘Smash' musical 'Hit List' live in concert at 54 Below | Playbill

With Jeremy Jordan, Krysta Rodriguez, Carrie Manolakos  and Andy Mientus

'The Smash Brothers' might be the best eSports documentary of all time | Daily Dot

As in ‘Super Smash Brothers’.

54 Below will present the world-premiere concert performances of “Hit List” on Dec. 9, press representatives for the project said on Tuesday, with a cast that features the former “Smash” stars Jeremy Jordan and Andy Mientus (who played the putative “Hit List” creators Jimmy Collins and Kyle Bishop), as well as Krysta Rodriguez (who played Ana Vargas, a “Hit List” cast member).

$55 tickets plus $25 food/drink minimum is a bit steep for me for this. But, some of those songs are so good.

The Best Song category at the Emmys is delightful

Outstanding Original Music And Lyrics

Nashville • I’ll Never Get Out Of This World 

Alive / Song Title: Nothing In This World 

Will Ever Break My Heart Again • ABC • ABC 


Sarah Jane Buxton, Music & Lyrics by

Kate York, Music & Lyrics by

The Neighbors • Sing Like A Larry Bird / 

Song Title: More Or Less The Kind Of Thing 

You May Or May Not Possibly See On 

Broadway • ABC • ABC Studios

Alan Menken, Music by

Glenn Slater, Lyrics by

Smash • The Parents / Song Title: Hang The 

Moon • NBC • Universal Television in 

association with DreamWorks Television

Marc Shaiman, Music & Lyrics by

Scott Wittman, Lyrics by

Smash • The Bells And Whistles / Song Title: 

I Hear Your Voice In A Dream • NBC • 

Universal Television in association with 

DreamWorks Television

Andrew McMahon, Music & Lyrics by

30 Rock • Hogock! / Last Lunch / Song Title: 

Rural Juror • NBC • Broadway Video and 

Little Stranger, Inc. in association with 

Universal Television

Jeff Richmond, Music & Lyrics by

Tina Fey, Lyrics by

Tracey Wigfield, Lyrics by

66th Annual Tony Awards • Song Title: If I 

Had Time • CBS • White Cherry 

Entertainment in association with Tony 

Award Productions

Adam Schlesinger, Lyrics by

David Javerbaum, Music by

Megan, what did you just sing about on the Tonys?

'Smash' Spells 'Anjelica Huston' Wrong in Series Finale | EW

'Smash' Spells 'Anjelica Huston' Wrong in Series Finale | EW


From its weirdly gauzy camera work to its hoary running gags (even at the tail end of Season 2, poor Anjelica Huston, who seemed to have a martini glass permanently affixed to one hand, was tossing drinks in her ex-husband’s face) to its mostly bland or obvious acting (Ms. McPhee, lovely though she is, exuded all the personality of a doorknob), “Smash” felt completely ersatz. At a time when the hot, ground-breaking shows – mostly on cable, of course – are growing ever grittier and peeling away the laugh tracks and the layers of simulated sentiment that television thrived on for too long, “Smash” seemed to be taking place in an insular, synthetic universe. Its failure wasn’t so much that it didn’t reflect the real workings of Broadway; it never came close to reflecting any aspect of the real world.


“Smash” - “The Goodbye Song”

Please donate to my ‘Make ‘Hit List’ Real’ Kickstarter?


Well, not actually. But please go see joe Iconis concerts and his new show and give HIM your money!

Yes, what he said. And Pasek and Paul. And Andrew McMahon.

Click through for the full synopsis, and this piece of info:

"We all talk about doing a Hit List concert at Joe’s Pub, which everyone wants to do … and if I did, I would use some of the songs we never used," says Safran. "Hopefully, Hit List will live on."

I would go to that.

I am shocked at how well ‘Smash’ handled the ‘Rent’ thing.

Good to be proven wrong.

And thus concludes Alex’s reaction to shows no one is watching anymore.

I appreciate the comprehensive analysis and comparison of ‘Smash’s use of ‘Rent’ lore — but I’m having trouble seeing it as anything other than exploitive. A better show could have delicately used the real life history (and tragedy) of ‘Rent’ to make a statement, but I’m afraid ‘Smash’ is doing it because it’s there and easy. 

Some of those ‘Hit List’ songs are great though.

(ht Rae)

I swear, if ‘Smash’ so much as even mentions Jonathan Larson next week …



Check out Jeremy Jordan and Katharine McPhee performing Andrew McMahon’s new song “I Heard Your Voice In A Dream” from the next episode of NBC’s “Smash.”

If nothing else, ‘Smash’ put out a wealth of strong, original music. On a side note, I’d love to hear McMahon on this track.

bwayboy said: So, is SMASH canceled? I don't understand what's going on with that.

It’s not canceled yet, but it’s very, very close. Here’s what’s happening. The show wrapped shooting its second season. Due to its poor ratings, NBC has decided to move the show from Tuesday to Saturday essentially “burning it off.” They claim it will get its full 17-episode season run, meaning all the episodes will air. So it wasn’t canceled in terms of the production being shut down and everyone let go (it was already done), but In TV terms, a Saturday burn off is basically a death sentence and the show is all but canceled. I would not look for it next year … but then again stranger things have happened.

Smash will get its full 17 episode run.