The series will follow 2 directors making their own versions of the same screenplay.

TV Key Art: Starz’s pirate drama ‘Black Sails’

TV Key Art: Starz’s pirate drama ‘Black Sails

Key Art: Spartacus on Starz (via aoltv)

Key Art: Spartacus on Starz (via aoltv)

Watch the first full episode here. The series premieres Oct. 21st.

TV Promo: Starz’s New Drama Boss Starring Kelsey Grammer |

While the trailer is more smoke and mirrors than plot it does show off Grammer’s talents and certainly tees him up for a career defining moment. If the show is well written that is. Let’s hope it does for him what Breaking Bad did for Bryan Cranston.

Not good for Netflix subscribers or proponents of online video streaming.

Starz Media is close to ordering up a pilot about the first woman to ever own her own NASCAR team and her uphill race to secure corporate sponsors. Tentatively titled Tits in the Pits — an allusion to the NASCAR good ol’ boy maxim of “No tits in the pits!” — the one-hour original drama set in the present day follows the jilted wife of a legendary driver who seeks revenge by courting sponsors from Madison Avenue and building her own NASCAR team from scratch. The show comes from Keith Merryman and David A. Newman, the screenwriters of the recently released Justin Timberlake–Mila Kunis comedy Friends With Benefits.

Starz has major brand identity issues.