The Grand Budapest Hotel' gets built in Legos

Watch: Companion short to ‘The Grand Budapest Hotel' | /Film

New Trailer: 'The Grand Budapest Hotel' - March 7

New Poster: ‘The Grand Budapest Hotel’ | /Film
New trailer incoming tomorrow.

New Poster: ‘The Grand Budapest Hotel’ | /Film

New trailer incoming tomorrow.

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Turns out Matt Zoller Seitz cleared up this question in his new ‘Wes Andreson Collection’ book.


“A few months after this conversation, the director shot his eighth feature, The Grand Budapest Hotel, in three different aspect ratios: 1.33, 1.85, and 2.35:1. The movie jumps through three time periods; the different aspect ratios tell viewers where they are in the timeline.”

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zachdionne said: Trailer may be letterbox, but in some of the character snaps at the end, it's regular widescreen.

If that’s the case, that’s a terrible way to roll out the first trailer for a highly anticipated film.

I could see it being a visual choice for the movie, but putting it in letterbox just for the trailer would be a grave injustice to Andreson’s style if it wasn’t specifically made like that.

Update: It was shot in three different aspect ratios to reflect time jumps.

Trailer: ‘The Grand Budapest Hotel' - March 7

Written and directed by Wes Anderson, starring Saoirse Ronan, Ralph Fiennes, Edward Norton, Willem Dafoe, Jude Law, Owen Wilson, Lea Sydoux, Bill Murray, Adrien Brody, Tilda Swinton, Jason Schwartzman, F Murray Abraham, Tom Wilkinson, Harvey Keitel and Bob Balaban.

Poster: Wes Anderson’s ‘The Grand Budapest Hotel' | @AlexJsuskind

Poster: Wes Anderson’s ‘The Grand Budapest Hotel' | @AlexJsuskind


Now that Wes Anderson has cast one of two leads, traction is starting to build on the director’s next project The Grand Budapest Hotel. Though most is being kept a secret for now, we can at least expect a small roster of regulars to return to help boost this new artistic venture. Now, we can count another Anderson veteran to return for the first time in nearly a decade.