The Onion is launching a BuzzFeed/Upworthy parody site Clickhole | NY Mag

The Onion is launching a BuzzFeed/Upworthy parody site Clickhole | NY Mag


Before-And-After Airbrushing Image Alerts Fashion Industry To Evil Of Its Ways 

Nailed it.

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This is from 2009!


While the publication currently serves 3.6 million print readers and boasts 7.5 million unique visitors a month to its website, there have been signs of financial strain. The company instituted a pay wall for its overseas readers in August of this year, and entered into a spat with the WGA over payment of its writers leading up to the second season of “ONN” on IFC.

Initial calls made to the company’s Chairman and CEO Steve Hannah in Chicago were not returned, however, a company spokesperson told HuffPost, “We’re still in the very early stages of this process, but we’re looking forward to eventually having everyone under one roof in Chicago.”

Note that it doesn’t include the AV Club.

"The ONN writers stood together and won real improvements,” WGAE Executive Director Lowell Peterson said in the WGA newsletter announcing the deal. "We welcome them into the WGAE and we look forward to a productive relationship with the company.”

The new agreement negotiated between WGA-E and ONN management will reportedly “increase minimum weekly compensation and provide pension and health contributions, retroactive to the start of writing earlier this summer. 

Great news for not only the ONN writers but web content producers everywhere.

This headline is not a joke. Writers for ‘Onion News Network’ are threatening to go on strike over compensation and benefit disputes. The Writer’s Guild Of America and The Onion are currently in negotiations, but as of now, no agreement has been reached.

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Well, looks like I don’t have to watch anything else on the Internet today.

Under the deal The Onion will develop non-Onion-branded programming for broadcast and the web.