That was how I knew who my friends were always. When something strange or bizarre or funny would go down, the person you can share eye contact with and go ‘This is fucking crazy, right?’
Jonah Hill on WTF

Audio preview: Alison Brie on ‘WTF With Marc Maron’


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Dick Van Dyke on WTF  

Can not convey how much joy the “Chairman of Nick at Nite brought my childhood.

“Monday on @WTFpod!” -Marc Maron

Preview Clip: Dave Grohl on WTF Podcast

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Maron Maron’s 300th WTF Podcast

Marc Maron just sent out this email on the occasion of his 300th WTF Podcast. Thank you Marc.

Happy 300th What the Fuckers!

I want to thank you all personally for hanging out. I can’t believe we have all been together for 300 episodes. I had no idea this relationship would last this long. I wasn’t expecting anything, but this is far beyond anything I could have imagined. I was never going to be the one that would break things off but I am amazed sometimes that you hung out. I mean I know I can be difficult and annoying. You must really like me or at the very least like my friends.

It’s astounding to me what has happened over the last few years since I started the show. I don’t want toot my own horn but I am in a very different place than when I started. Don’t get nervous, I am still in a garage and I still forsee problems of self, but I am okay, for now.  We are okay. I think we’ve all been through a lot over the last few years and I think we’ve all grown because of it.

I have talked to hundreds of people on WTF. Each one of them brought something different to the mics. Each one of them had a different story to tell and each story taught me how to look at the world a little differently and understand myself a little more. The affect the WTF conversations have had on my life and work is beyond profound. I have learned how to be a person who functions in the world as opposed to an angry, alienating, uncomfortable, panic-ridden drain on it and its inhabitants. It has taught me how to listen and be there for other people. It has taught me that empathy and humility are two of the most important human qualities. It has made me more comfortable with who I am which is really all I ever wanted out of life. I’m glad you were there for me.

We are going to keep going. The 300th episode features four guests for four reasons. I talked to Nathan Rabin from The Onion AV Club about the medium of podcasting and it’s place in culture. It was good talk. I also pay respect to and talk with podcast impresario Jesse Thorn who got me started in the garage. We talk about the affect podcasting has had on us as artists and how it has changed the trajectory of our lives and our goals. Then I talk to Pete Holmes who’s podcast, You Made It Weird, was directly influenced by WTF. So much so that Pete unashamedly admits to stealing it. Finally I talk to Andy Kindler. I know the show has a lot of comic fans but no one I know has the relationship with the show that Andy does. He loves it and I respect him and his opinion a great deal. Enjoy the 300th episode and thanks for listening.

On Thursday Bob Golub tells one of the greatest show business stories I have ever heard. Ever. Look forward to that.

Thanks for everything.


=3 Podcast love gives me feels.


Monday’s episode of WTF - Jack White

This should be fantastic


WTF with Marc Maron - Danny McBride

The set will include the first 100 episodes as well as video from WTF live at the Bell House with Artie Lange, Morgan Spurlock, Ira Glass, Elna Baker, Nick DiPaolo, Nick Griffin, Joe Mande and Wayne Koestenbaum. Only 1,000 copies will be pressed.

As retro as this seems I could see 1,000 die-hard fans buying this. 

Insiders have told Laughspin that IFC will soon announce plans to pick up Maron’s quasi-adaptation of his podcast for a ten-episode season. By Maron’s account, when the pilot was shot, it was half interview show, half fictional narrative where in Ed Asner played his father and Ken Jeong played himself as a guest. 

IFC: The Podcast Network. At this rate, IFC could eclipse Comedy Central, Adult Swim, and FX as the home for comedy nerdery. 


PREVIEW: Mindy Kaling on WTF with Marc Maron 3/12

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Preview Bill Lawrence on this week’s WTF Podcast

Lawrence is the hardest working show runner in television.



Marc Maron and Jimmy Kimmel talk dieting in a sneak preview of Monday’s installment of WTF with Marc Maron.

Way excited about this one.

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