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Watch: ‘Les Miserables’ Wedding Flash Mob 

I don’t care if this is from May.

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Conan O’Brien celebrated his own anniversary Thursday night by effectively creating another.

The late-night talk show host made television history by officiating the wedding of longtime costume designer Scott Cronick and his partner David Gorshein on the stage of New York City’s Beacon Theatre in what may have been first-ever on-air same-sex wedding. 

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The cover posted here yesterday, proclaiming Crystal Harris as the new Mrs. Hefner, unfortunately went to print before she called off the nuptials. What’s a Hef to do?

Hefner’s implementing the sticker solution: The cover will now feature a tasteful proclamation that promises the reader a “Runaway Bride in this issue!” What a fun sexy time for Playboy subscribers! 


Katy Perry and Russell Brand wed this morning in a traditional Indian ceremony at the swanky Aman-i-Khas resort near the tiger sanctuary in Rajasthan where Brand, 35, proposed to Perry, 26, last December. (Aw!) The couple, who met on the Get Him to the Greek set last year, hired thirteen vehicles to take their hundred or so guests on a tour of the nearby tiger sanctuary following the ceremony, and a reception at the Taj Rambagh palace is planned for tomorrow. Summing up their love, a friend of the couple explained: “They have a chill chemistry.” [Us, AP]

Guessing games through the link.

Only The Office could kick off their pivotal wedding episode with the entire cast puking in bright colors.

More colorful indeed, NBC. Quite ballsy.

Seriously though, I get a sinking feeling they blew their load on this one. It felt like a series finale, but didn’t even air during sweeps. Very rarely does an iconic moment, such as what we witnessed tonight, follow through so thoroughly on the hype that had been build around it.

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