pieandtrenchcoats said: Wow! Today is a fantastic day for pop culture news! Friends, HBO, NPH & the Oscars, and Fantastic Beasts. Thanks for keeping me updated!

You’re welcome and thanks for reaching out! It really was a crazy day. Putting NPH and the Oscars aside, I think Time Warner and Warner Bros. really muddled their announcements by doing them all in one day. I understand that it was an investor event and you want to get those people excited (with the goal being an increase in your stock) — but imagine the hype around each announcement had they been separate. I feel as though the press coverage for HBO, Friends and Potter could have gone a lot farther if they were released on different days.

The DC movies are another beast entirely, and I can’t help but think about the different between how Marvel does their announcement and this. DC saving all this for their investor event and not doing more at Comic Con (or even NYCC) only puts the contrast into sharper perspective. It makes it seem like DC doesn’t really care about the fans. Then again Marvel Studios is its own thing within Disney and has a lot more power in that regard.

I also didn’t love ‘Man of Steel’ and while I’m interested to see what DC can do with a connected universe, I wouldn’t say I’m excited for these 10 movies. I can already see myself being mad at the movie ‘Flash’ for not being as good as the TV show.

How pissed do you think Grant Gustin is right now?

There are also plans for Cyborg, a Green Lantern reboot, and more standalone Superman and Batman movies.

WB announces DC & Lego movie slate | Alex Weprin

"This week only, save 55% on "Justice League: The Complete Series". The series contains all 91 episodes as well as a 15th disc which includes a retrospective on the DC universe." It’s been marked down from its $99.99 list price.


Dwayne Johnson to play Black Adam in DC’s ‘Shazam’, Darren Lemke to script | Variety

Dwayne Johnson to play Black Adam in DC’s ‘Shazam’, Darren Lemke to script | Variety

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