‘The Simpsons' 25 years Comic-Con Poster | EW
I’ll take one in a frame please.

The Simpsons' 25 years Comic-Con Poster | EW

I’ll take one in a frame please.

Teaser: ‘Sleepy Hollow’ season 2

Wow. From straight to series to straight to cancellation. Vive la pilot season?

Character Posters: Fox’s ‘Gotham' | EW

New ‘Gotham' teaser introduces the villains | EW

'Riot' has been pulled from the schedule as well.

To my friends and colleagues:

I have decided to resign as Chairman of Entertainment at FBC, effective at the end of June.

While difficult decisions have to be made every day, none have weighed more heavily on me than this. The inspired FOX leadership, coupled with your commitment to excellence at FBC, has provided one of the most rewarding chapters in my life.

I love TV. Always have. Since my mother told me to stop sitting so close and watching so much.

I couldn’t feel more fortunate to be afforded the opportunity to preside over a dynamic business, collaborate with the most creative people on the planet and drive culture. And also to be positioned at the nexus of change. It’s a fascinating moment in time as the digital evolution brings about radical shifts in consumer behavior. And through it all, the art form of TV has never been stronger or the marketplace more robust.

As invigorating as all that is to be a part of, we all know the daily feeding of the network beast and early morning ritual of waking to an overnight report card does breed a certain type of mania. My first boss, Brandon Tartikoff, described presiding over a broadcast network as “the worst best job in the world.” I remember coming up in the business and seeing how the grind turned some executives into grizzled cynics. And I vowed to never become that guy. I have always believed it’s incumbent upon network brass to bring a wide-eyed optimism to the chairs they rent. Talent deserves that. And frankly, the jobs are just no fun otherwise. Staying fresh and looking forward is part of why I feel the timing is right for me to turn the page now.

As you, my colleagues, know all too well, I am rarely satisfied. But I hope you all also know that I am very proud of what we have accomplished together and of the exceptional entertainment we have helped bring to fruition. We put shows and songs at the top of the charts, we took home trophies, we got out ahead of defining and building and measuring the multi-platform universe and we re-wrote rules about how to develop, program and market TV. And I think some of the best is yet to come next season. It’s been a satisfying blast.

Thanks for all,


P.S. - Don’t go back to pilot season!

Kevin Reilly’s resignation letter | The Wrap

Fox may be the last network still making bold creative choices, hopefully they can keep it alive.

Trailer: Will Forte in Fox and Phil Lord & Chris Miller’s ‘The Last Man on Earth

Didn’t include this in my Fox trailer round up yesterday. Honestly, this trailer works like a stand alone short film — and is fantastic.

Fox Fall 2014-2015 Trailers


Wayward Pines







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