Full Trailer: ‘The Normal Heart



New teaser: HBO’s ‘The Leftovers

HBO has renewed ‘Game of Thrones’ for seasons 5 and 6

That’s HBO’s highest rating since ‘The Sopranos’ finale.

Watch: Full premiere episode of HBO and Mike Judge’s ‘Silicon Valley

Do it. This show is flipping fantastic.

Trailer: HBO and Damon Lindelof’s ‘The Leftovers

Trailer: HBO and Ryan Murphy’s “The Normal Heart" | EW

Smart of HBO, as this allows ‘The Normal Heart’ to stand tall in mini/movie acting categories, but bad news for AMC and ‘Breaking Bad,’ which was previously going largely unopposed in Best Drama and Best Actor.

The Comeback comeback.

Trailer: HBO’s ‘Veep' season 3

Amazon’s TV deal of the week this week is ‘The Sopranos’ on DVD for 50% off its $279.99 list price. The set includes David Chase’s entire series as well as 3.5 hour of bones features, including deleted scenes and cast auditions.