Joining an oeuvre that already includes 2001’s Band of Brothers and 2010’s The Pacific, the untitled miniseries will explore the aerial wars through the eyes of enlisted men of the Eighth Air Force — known as the men of the Mighty Eighth. The project will use at its source material historian Donald L. Miller’s nonfiction tomeMasters of the Air: America’s Bomber Boys Who Fought the Air War Against Nazi Germany.

TV Promo: Stephen King’s Bag of Bones Miniseries on A&E | Vulture

Based on the book Life At The Marmont by former Chateau Marmont co-owner Raymond R. Sarlot and Fred Basten, Sorkin will write and coproduce the miniseries with Krasinski (who will likely co-star).

Update: @Syfy on Twitter claims they have no plans to pick up The Event.

Basically if a category fails to present the requisite 5 nominees for 2 consecutive years the Academy board can vote to eliminate or merge the category. Such is the case with Best Miniseries and the reason why these will now be one category. Doesn’t mean much to the broadcast nets (or any network outside of HBO and PBS for that matter).

But it doesn’t seem fair to loop the two together, especially when they’re so drastically different in their storytelling approach. Imagine having to vote between Temple Grandin and The Pacific. Apples and oranges.

Originally developed for the History Channel the reportedly inaccurate miniseries stars Greg Kinnear, Katie Holmes, and Tom Wilkinson. The History Channel dropped it as not the right fit, Showtime, Starz and FX all passed before it came to DirecTV.

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