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Nathan Fillion guests on this week’s ‘Community’ | Community on Facebook

Nathan Fillion guests on this week’s ‘Community’ | Community on Facebook

Watch: ‘Neil’s Puppet Dreams’ episode 2 with Nathan Fillion.


Nathan Fillion guest stars on today’s all-new NEIL’S PUPPET DREAMS, in which Neil Patrick Harris’ unique physiology causes a stir in the puppet medical community.

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Nathan Fillion as the Vitruvian Man | EW


So! Here is the trailer for a web series I’ll be hosting, where I chat with cool people over actual alcoholic drinks. We’ve shot a dozen of these so far and I am grateful to have been asked to host them.  I got to have interesting conversations with strangers and friends alike.

It goes live on Monday 5/7!

Internet terms!

The show is called “Speakeasy.”

Now when is “A Drink With Dave” coming back?



Here is a sneak peak at our end of the year special. With Wil Wheaton and Nathan Fillion!


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And with good reason, fans should send their money to a worthy cause rather than a pipe dream based on a joking comment from Nathan Fillion.

EW also has a quick interview with star Nathan Fillion about his time on the show

The “Sy” Channel?

Thanks to the myriad of channels on cable these days we’re seeing cult hits get resurrected for replays much more often. These guys and IFC are doing the lord’s work.

SNL sketch idea. Get into a fat suit, have “What if Firefly was still on?” episode.
Nathan Fillion
Hey, guys- remember Firefly? That was awesome.
Nathan Fillion