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Team StarKid EXCLUSIVE: Preview the cover songs of their new ‘Aladdin’ parody ‘Twisted

Internet sensation Team StarKid has teamed up with Andrew Fox and Stacks of Wax Production to create an album of pop covers of songs from StarKid’s latest production, an Aladdin parody called 'Twisted: The Untold Story of a Royal Vizier.'

The aptly named ‘Twisted: Twisted' features four reimagined songs from the score, including a pop-punk version of the Princess's “I Want” song, ’90s r&b takes on the show's two love ballads (think Peabo Bryson's “A Whole New World”), and a jazz a cappella arrangement of one of the show's big group numbers, as well as four original demos recorded by the show's songwriters A.J. Holmes and Kaley McMahon. Featured artists include veteran Starkid performers Britney Coleman and Carlos Valdes, singer Andrea Ross, and jazz vocalists Cluster. 
Starkid has announced that the album will release this weekend. 
And check out an exclusive video clip of Carlos Valdes and Britney Coleman recording some of the audio you heard above:

Premiering Saturday Nov. 23.

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Chris Pratt fans should watch.


NEW Doctor Who Series 7 Trailer: Premieres Saturday September 1 on BBC America!

Every story has a beginning, a middle, and an end … But not always in that order.

Seems a little late to just be announcing a premiere date two weeks out, but it’s going to do great ratings regardless so what does it matter.

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Preview Clip: Tom Hanks Narrates Stephen Colbert's Children's Book 'I Am a Pole (And So Can You)' | THR

The print version and the audio download go on sale May 8, with the audio CD following on May 29.  The book will retail for $15.99. Hanks’ eight-minute audio rendition will sell for just $1.49 as a download and $3.98 on CD.

Colbert is also set to release his follow up adult book ‘America Again' this October.


The [redacted spoiler] hits South Park in all-new episode premiering Wednesday at 10/9c. Watch the preview!