It’s not 12 days, but 12 hours is still good.

About SNL and politics in the late 2000s.

O’Brien could return to the writing staff or remain in the cast.

In today’s most obvious news.

Almost every good comedy in television or film involves a former or current SNL writer or cast member or can be traced to one. If SNL were the Kevin Bacon game, you could connect every great sitcom to it in one step. The composition of the comedy world is made up of more SNL alums than any other show, and that includes The Daily Show, which admittedly has developed a lot of talent over the years, but like SNL, has delivered a lot of whiffs.

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In instances such as these I like to also bring up that people have been calling ‘SNL’ irrelevant since 1976.

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Treasure found on Brooks Wheelan’s Instagram: Jay Pharoah, Tim Robinson, Michael Che and Brooks sitting in a pizza shop doing spot-on impressions of each other at the weekly SNL pitch meeting.

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