• Hannibal Buress: Live in Chicago – Saturday, March 29th at midnight
    • Patton Oswalt: Tragedy Plus Comedy Equals Time – Sunday, April 6th at 10 pm
    • Dave Attell: Road Work – Saturday, April 12th at midnight
    • Comedy Underground with Dave Attell – a new 8-episode standup series hosted by Attell and featuring Triumph the Insult Comic Dog, Amy Schumer, Judah Friedlander, Nikki Glaser, Lil Rel Howery, Ali Wong, and more. – Saturday, April 12th at 1am 
    • Tracy Morgan: Bona Fide – Saturday, April 20th at 10pm

  • Jim Gaffigan: Obsessed – Saturday, April 27th at 10pm
  • The Improv: 50 Years Behind the Brick Wall – Friday, May 2nd at midnight
  • David Spade: My Fake Problems – Sunday, May 4th at 10pm

My PolicyMic story for this week is about the brilliance of Bo Burnham. It’s a mix of how creative choices kept his career fresh and why you must watch what. immediately.

Thanks to the internet, the road to success in Hollywood has changed dramatically. Before one would need school or training, an agent and a lot of luck. Now anyone with a viral blog, Twitter account or YouTube channel can strike it big in pop culture. No one better represents this phenomenon than musical comedian Bo Burnham, who shot to stardom on YouTube at 16, and today at 23, has managed to build a massive comedy career. His unlikely success and the creatively diverse decisions he made hold many lessons for our generation — and his new one-hour special what. is the young performer’s most shining achievement to date. 

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Special message from Aziz Ansari at the end of the ‘Buried Alive' special. Now on Netflix.

Special message from Aziz Ansari at the end of the ‘Buried Alive' special. Now on Netflix.

Poster: Aziz Ansari Buried Alive | THR

Poster: Aziz Ansari Buried Alive | THR


Robin Williams does The Set List

Watch: Erik Charles Nielsen’s stand-up TV debut on Conan | The Comic’s Comic

Inside the Nineties’ Great Stand-up Sitcom Boom and Bust | Vulture
The sad thing, with all this taping and stuff, no one’s going to do stand-up. And every big stand-up I talk to says: “How do I work out new material? Where can you go, if I have a half an idea and then it’s on the Internet next week?” Just look at some of my material. You can’t imagine how rough it was and how unfunny and how sexist or racist it might have seemed. “N*ggas vs. Black People” probably took me six months to get that thing right. You know how racist that thing was a week in?

Chris Rock to the Times about the Internet’s effect on club comedy.

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I recently finished Kumail Nanjiani’s Edinburgh Fringe Festival poster.  Enjoy!


I recently finished Kumail Nanjiani’s Edinburgh Fringe Festival poster.  Enjoy!


Jonah Ray Stand-up on Conan

The Nerdist podcast’s own Jonah Ray makes his stand-up debut on Conan


Here is a clip from my boyfriend, John Mulaney’s standup special airing on Comedy Central on January 28th at 10pm.  He will make you laugh, so watch it! 

Excellent listing Mr. BuzzFeed.

He has a new special, already? How.

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Appearing as a last-minute guest during comedian Tig Notaro’s show at the Largo at the Coronet, Ansari began taking questions from the crowd when a woman queried, “Why don’t you have a red dot on your forehead?”

While the audience gasped, a shocked Ansari replied by asking why she didn’t have the word “c— on her forehead.” Then he remarked about how there are still “racist” people in the world.

What was this person doing at a Tig Notaro comedy show that also featured Nick Kroll and Sarah Silverman?