TV Ratings: ‘Blackish’ a hit by holding on to most of ‘Modern Family’ audience, ‘Laura’ and ‘Red Band’ down

ABC finally realized if you put a quality family comedy behind ‘Modern Family’ it will actually do well. ‘Blackish' opened to a 3.3, and 10.8 million viewers, or 90% of the 'Modern Family's 3.7 rating (10.9 million total). 

Red Band Society' fell to a 1.0 in week 2, 'Mysteries of Laura' is skewing old as it won 8 pm in total viewers with 9.9 million, but came in 3rd with 1.5 in the demo.

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All of the new fall shows in one chart | Vox

All of the new fall shows in one chart | Vox

While Lorne Michaels is going to do what Lorne Michaels wants to do, it’s promising to see him make strides to bring SNL up to speed with modern America. As the show hits middle age, if it wants to keep its cool factor (and ratings) it has to stay relevant. “Weekend Update,” which is the show’s most ripe platform for news satire, certainly needed this.
Well, all right. To be frank, most of it’s not very good. Some of it’s useful, though. One of the things is, it’s made this sort of continuing-story TV — you know what I mean, House of Cards, Damages, The Killing, Sons of Anarchy, Breaking Bad, Walking Dead, that kinda thing — the Internet and the blogs have made it possible for people to follow the stories even if they miss an episode or two. And thanks to the computer generation, they don’t really even have to do that, because you can always pull one down from iTunes or Hulu or something like that. But a lot of the actual criticism is pretty ham-fisted. I’m not just talking about reviews and stories about series that are not good. I know that the reaction on the blogs to Hostages, for instance, was [chuckles] pretty goddamn harsh! But a lot of that harsh criticism wasn’t written very well, and some of the [positive] criticism’s the same thing. But it’s been an interesting thing — you can’t, when you’re in the process of making these shows, writing a continuing series, it’s not a good thing to look at them too much, blogs and everything. Because a lot of times the speculation is very close to what you’re planning to do, and then the impulse is to say, “Oh, people have already figured this out! We have to change it!” And a lot of times, your first way of going’s your best way. Does that answer your question?
Stephen King in response to Zach’s question about the online criticism machine of television | Grantland
The 2013-2014 TV season in one depressing chart | Vulture

The 2013-2014 TV season in one depressing chart | Vulture

Website graphs your favorite shows based on quality | Warming Glow

Nailed it. I truly believe I enjoyed the end of ‘True Detective’ more because I avoided reading needlessly intricate fan theories.

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You loved her as a promiscuous PR director on ‘Sex and the City,’ but Samantha Jones has found a new passion: being an operating system.

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