I will watch this. Terrible title though.

Yes, all of this. Disastrous finale, not by the outcome but by the ludicrous “live” format. (Spoilers of the winner within.)


Robot Chicken’s “Top Chef: Sweden” brought me to tears.

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Chris Pratt fans should watch.

Preview: ‘Life After Top Chef’ on Bravo

Premiering this Wednesday

Here’s the only new Bravo show I care about:

Life After Top Chef
Produced by Magical Elves with Dan Cutforth, Jane Lipsitz, Casey Criley and Nan Strait serving as Executive Producers.
For the first time cameras are taken outside of the Top Chef kitchen and into the lives of Bravo’s most beloved former cheftestants as they reach milestones in their personal lives and culinary careers.  From opening their own restaurants to expanding their growing franchises, viewers will follow Jen Carroll in Philadelphia, Richard Blais in Atlanta, Fabio Viviani in Los Angeles and Spike Mendelsohn in D.C.